Arriving in Canada during Coronavirus

Arriving in Canada during Coronavirus


Landing in any country during the pandemic can be extremely scary and might lower down your confidence and morale, which is crucial for a student who is shifting abroad. But, with Canada and the facilities that they provide to anyone who is entering their country makes things a lot easier than any other country.


Canada, providing the best facilities as it always does even during such dire times taking  A1 care of every protocol regarding the safety of their natives and their migrants as well is what attracts students. Whenever a student or any immigrant lands there, they have to follow every rule and regulation that is made mandatory by the government of Canada.


Government has asked anyone who travels to Canada, to quarantine for 14 days minimum upon arrival. Finding work in Canada during such times is not an extremely difficult task because of the low number of cases. One still has to be vaccinated to apply for any opportunity.


About healthcare, the healthcare system of Canada is systematic and easily accessible to anyone who resides in Canada.  But, for those who have not been there for 6 months minimum, and are not a permanent resident then it might not be as accessible as it is for others. Which is why all the protocols laid down by the government should be followed without any carelessness.


The immigration process for Canada is quite easy, though during the Covid situation, there are a few changes which are nothing but a hiccup. With us you have nothing to worry about. We at Jupiter Consultants are at your service for any query and to complete your entire process from India to Canada.


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