Why study in the The UK?

Why study in the The UK?

Everyone can suggest you go to this country and do this or that thing. But, not everyone can tell you ‘why’. Every country has its perks and minus points. Some are benefitted with more plus points and some are not as well suited as other countries. Almost all the developed countries are good, but good for some particular reasons.

When we talk about Education the United Kingdom has the best quality of it and offers quite generously to students of all the countries and cultures. It has some of the best and worldwide renowned universities. The education system in itself is advanced that the best universities of some other countries cannot compete with their tier 3 Institutions.

After Education, one thing that concerns the students most is the cost of living. No one wants to move to an entirely new continent and be unable to spend money on anything except for necessities. The United Kingdom is one of those countries which are affordable and provide the best of quality in everything.

Health Benefits, something that everyone is concerned about since it costs a fortune. Though, luckily this is not the case in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom provides free healthcare to their full-time students and the spouses of as well by the National Health Service (NHS). It’s a huge weight off the shoulders, isn’t it? To receive free Healthcare you will have to meet and follow certain criteria.

While you are thinking of immigrating, apart from all the paperwork and formalities, one thing that can concern you is that how well you will be able to adjust when you finally move there.

The United Kingdom has an abundance of students from overseas and hence, provides a culturally diverse environment. The United Kingdom has also loosened up its rules recently.

The UK government made an announcement of a new Graduate Route, allowing international students who graduate with an undergraduate degree or higher to remain in the United Kingdom for 2 years, with opportunities to stay on longer upon finding suitable employment.


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