Everything about the admission process of the UK

Everything about the admission process of the UK

The United Kingdom has one of the most different styles of education and execution. When it comes to the educational institute of the United Kingdom it is safe to say that they stand out. The United Kingdom has been one of the topmost countries which provide the best education in the world.


Fact: The United Kingdom has the most number of colleges in the list of TOP 100 Universities of the world


This portrays zilch, but their upper hand in the sector of education and advancement. The courses that are offered in the educational institutions in the United Kingdom are related to a particular degree or profession. The education system of the United Kingdom expects the student to just simply excel in whatever field they choose. It’s important to have knowledge about everything and anything, but it is also important to choose one particular thing and be the best at it. Colleges offer Diploma, Foundation Degree, General Certification of Secondary Education (GCSE), Higher National Certificate (HNC), Higher National Diploma (HND), and International Baccalaureate.


The education institutions in the United Kingdom also prepare students for the practical world within the 4 walls of college itself. Unlike other countries, The United Kingdom prefers to prepare students in a more practical way, rather than just preparing them theoretically.


The course span in the United Kingdom is quite short when you compare it to other countries. There are many intakes for the UK, but the most popular one is the September intake. During the September intake, all the colleges of the United Kingdom provide admission and there are abundant opportunities during the same.


The other important aspect excluding education while staying in the United Kingdom is the part-time jobs to generate the cost of living. Under the work rights of an international student in the United Kingdom, the students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week which is part-time and during their vacation, they can work full time which is 40 hours a week.




  1. First and foremost, decide your course and then the college
  2. Have a look at the admission requirement of the college and check that whether you’re a match or not
  3. Submit your application after doing all the required research and taking the professional help
  4. Graciously wait for the college application, there are chances of receiving it either soon or late, Not to panic is the key
  5. Do your needful arrangements for the finance required for the study and stay in the United Kingdom
  6. Start with the visa procedure as soon as the seat gets reserved




  1. Nursing
  2. Psychology
  3. Law
  4. Computer Science
  5. Design Studies
  6. Medicine
  7. Sports Science
  8. Business Administration
  9. Management Studies
  10. Engineering
  11. Education
  12. MBA
  13. Sociology
  14. English Literature




  1. Bedfordshire University, Luton (Near London)
  2. The University of Bradford, Bradford (Near Manchester and Leeds)
  3. The University of Bolton, Bolton (Greater Manchester)
  4. Birmingham City University, Birmingham
  5. Ulster University, Belfast
  6. Abertay University, Scotland
  7. Bath Spa University, Bath
  8. University of East London, London
  9. Coventry University, London
  10. University of Buckingham, Buckingham




The cost of education is quite nominal in the United Kingdom because of the shorter span of courses there.

The undergraduate courses are for 3 years, whereas the post-graduate courses are for one year. The cost would be around 12,000-30,000 Pounds.

If you compare it with other countries, it’s actually quite cheap.


Scholarships in the United Kingdom


The colleges and the universities of the United Kingdom provide ample amounts of scholarships to international students, but generally, they are merit-based. The other deciding aspect for the scholarship is the neediest one gets it at times. There are some particular scholarships for Indian students as well.


The United Kingdom is the land of your dreams; it offers you the best of everything, from education, to breathtaking architecture, to fashion and pop culture to amazing work opportunities. The United Kingdom has it all.


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