Pandemic had a worldwide impact. It was not only one country that suffered. Each and every country suffered and had its own obstacles which they faced. Canada too was one of them. Canada had a proper lockdown, keeping in mind all the needs and requirements of their citizens and immigrants.

Every economy was bent upon saving their citizens, even when it meant a minus account on their economy since it is not easy to maintain and balance everything when the virus is spreading like wildfire.

But Canada did not only take good care of its citizens but also maintained its economy. Even after battling with the COVID-19 virus and its various kind of maliciousness, Canada was still able to break a record by landing 4, 01, 000 immigrants in 2021. To do fine is nice, but to do this well is just applaudable. The process of everything has gotten a tad bit slower because of the covid precautions since only a certain amount of people can work together in a room. But, Canada is still doing their level best for the people interested to be in their country for any valid reason. This is extremely thoughtful of the government of Canada.

After being successful in breaking its record in 2021, Canada is all set to break its record once again in 2022. They have set a record of more than 4, 11,000 immigrant entries for this year. Canada wants to boost its economic growth and the number of immigrants since both are co-related. Immigrants are one of the biggest reasons why the Canadian economy is successful one day.

Even though Canada tried remaining safe and did its best to protect the economy, it still had to face some losses. Now, to recover those losses there is a huge demand for immigrants. This is a piece of good news for everyone who has a plan of applying abroad. Also, this new goal of Canada and the previous record also, clearly states that pandemic or no pandemic, Canada will continue to make sure that no one suffers any losses. This is a huge sigh of relief.

Canada has a lot of plans for this year, and to fulfill each one of them immigrants are required. This implies that there should not be any hesitation before applying for Canada. Since they want you in their country as much you want to be there.

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