DALF/DELF Preparation

DELF A1 Exam

DELF A1 Exam is the primary level that acknowledges essential elementary or simple fundamental knowledge. The prime objectives of this stage are to understand and manipulate the morphology and syntax of the Target language (French). Focus is on building up of oral communication skills and everyday vocabulary.

Jupiter Consultants expertizes in providing a list of vocabulary items and their translation equivalence as the medium of instruction in this stage is the mother tongue. Building up of oral communication skills( which primarily includes detailed lectures on phonetics, morphology, accent, basic greetings, and question formulations), teaching grammar( which is taught through rules deductively, sequencing of grammatical rules throughout the course), translation exercises, speech acts and listening comprehensions are other specializations.

DELF A2 Exam

DELF A2 Exam ased on the similar principle, this stage lays utmost focus on making the learner an active recipient, developing his/her ability to respond quickly and accurately, testing his/her oral proficiency, pronunciation, listening and grammar use.

Jupiter Consultants models dialogues, cues for drills ( both formal and informal) and controls the direction and pace of the learner and monitors errors and applies corrective measures to enhance the learner’s performance and total physical response involving action/roles to be performed by the learner. Audio/Visual aids are also provided.

DELF B1 Exam

DELF B1 Exam In this level, the teaching becomes and rogogic i.e, student centric. The user becomes capable of conversing and discussing and hereby vocalise his/her opinions in an elucidative manner. He/She becomes capable of handling situations likely to arise in everyday life.

Jupiter Consultants facilitates the overall skills by providing imperative drills to elicit physical activities, conversational dialogues, role plays and planned grammatical curriculum ensuring near native fluency.

DELF B2 Exam

DELF B2 Exam This level allows room for the user to postulate his/her opinions. It also ensures the development of capableness of the learner to vindicate his/her point of view. The user becomes self-generated and corrects his/ her own mistakes.

Jupiter Consultants creates situations in which the learner is most suggestible and even so present linguistic material and aids in a way that encourages positive reception and retention by the learner. Also, facilitating a communication process between the particiants, enabling the users to use the leaned language in the social and academic contexts.

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